Welcome to new analytics service
AI-driven computer vision algorithms used for billiard stats collection
We provide every pool player a personal dashboard evaluating their level and skill dynamics
Welcome to new analytics service
Automated online analytics of practice sessions
Track the growth and dynamics of your training, evaluate the result, and receive personalized recommendations to improve your level of play
Welcome to new analytics service
Automatic online evaluation of billiard playing skills
Receive a personal certificate indicating your current level of play. Compare yourself against well-known players

PerformStars Pool Players rating

The rating is based on analysis of public videos by AI computer vision algorithms. The rating data is current as of 10-10-2021 . The dynamics is shown for 19 days

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We accept videos from 2019, 2020, 2021 years events with identified players. Video requirements
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Service statistics

Statistics gathered by artificial intelligence during pool video processing.
Players 1305 +13    Since prev week
Shots 280932 +6988    Since prev week
Play hours 2560 +77    Since prev week
Events 106 +1    Since prev week
Racks 24106 +533    Since prev week
Scratches 8171 +222    Since prev week

Service possibilities

We combine AI with computer vision technologies for automatic processing and analysis of billiard videos. We collect only open and publicly available video data for analyzing.
Players development tracking Tracking players performance data change dynamics over a certain period.
Players performance view Players pages offer access to basic performance data which describe the level and style of a player
Compare Compare players performance data and playing style.
Identifying growth areas Focus the practice sessions on proper areas and increase overall level of play more efficiently.
Search players Quality and up-to-date database of real players, continuously updated and moderated.
Matches analysis Players’ individual performance comparison and shots stats analysis through a certain match.

Players List

Quality and up-to-date database of real players, continuously updated and moderated.