Sport sections and coaches

Competition level at the world sports arena is constantly growing and is setting strict requirements towards long-term build-up process of billiard players. Also it specifies requirement to search and implement efficient tools and methods of practicing which help streamline top results. Modern trends of pool development demand that players master disciplined fundamentals as well as are able to come up with proper tactical decision-making in the heat of competition and under tough mental pressure. Therefore one of most vital aspects of cue sports is the problem of technical skills development.

We worked out objective, scientifically based and experimentally checked criteria to evaluate technical skill level of billiard players. These criteria enable players to discover reserves and determine potential for further improvement.

Our server infrastructure allows for most efficient and unified storage of players’ performance data in Big Data format. This enables analyzing their change dynamics, which means more efficient planning of personal practice approach to every student. Visualizing players’ progress.

We are ready to offer special terms of cooperation to sports sections and coaches with groups of over five students. If you teach billiards we could help you build comprehensive approach to tracking your group results, performing control measurements and setting up more precise learning curve for every student.

As an example please see experimental data from teaching practice of our partners.

Sports events organizers

We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with the events organizers. You could hand the video recordings of the events over to us so that we process them. Your participants could learn their objective performance data and check themselves against acknowledged billiard masters.

With the help of our service your event would receive an extra promotion channel. We provide a separate page for your event which can be accessed via:

  • special section at the main page;
  • events list;
  • past matches history at the players’ pages;
  • matches pages

Your event page will provide objective statistical data corresponding to the skill level of the participants. You could issue a special award for most skilled shot played, or recognize any other individual skill element that stands out and was registered at your event. Statistical data and facts collected will help promote your event and attract new participants.

Billiard rooms

We are interested in mutually beneficial partnership with sports billiard room owners. You will be able to offer visitors additional services like video recordings analysis, progress tracking and personalized advice.

Implement our service cost to your room rates and receive additional profit from advanced players. This offer could be more favorable to the players than long-term service subscription due to one-time payment and flexible access. You simply issue them coupons for your service upon pay-off.

Install modern web cameras at your billiard tables to provide better service.

For sponsors

We can place your relevant advertising or branding on favorable terms