Let PerformStars analyze your pool or snooker workout and generate key statistics and analysis for you. ALL FOR FREE WHILE WE UPGRADE OUR ANALYTICS ENGINE! Be one of the first Performers to benefit from the most advanced technology in the billiards industry: a machine vision, self-learning neural network trained to let you get the most out of your pool game.

How it works

  • 1. Fill out the form below to register for the pilot project
  • 2. Record yourself doing your favorite drills
  • 3. Upload the video
  • 4. Receive weekly feedback on stats and analytics

What you’ll receive

PerformStars is keeping it simple (for now). While our engineers and data scientists continue to refine the AI behind the PerformScore and machine vision algorithm, we still want our Performers to improve. You’ll receive a weekly round up of the shots you submit that details 10 key statistics and analytics, along with a summary. It will come as an Excel spreadsheet for now until it’s coded into the PerformStars dashboard.

How do you sign up?

The pilot program is completely FREE! Simply fill out the form below, and start recording!

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Video requirements

Your smart phone, action cam, or webcam will be just fine! No need for fancy AV equipment or projectors. The video should be in HD quality, the table and all of the pockets must be clearly visible. A 9-foot pool table or 12-foot snooker table is required for now. No special lighting is required. Simply upload your files to a public playlist on Youtube and point us to the link.

Any questions?

Get ahold of us through any of these methods or email us at [email protected] or whatsapp

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