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Public video requirements

The video records should be in HD quality. 9 foot table is required to be recorded. Two players should be identified. We accept videos only from 2019, 2020, 2021 years. One video must contain only one match. It is not necessary that all shots be filmed with a static camera, but at least one static view must be in the video.screenshot source

Private video requirements

The video records should be in HD quality at the very least, the table and all of the pockets must be clearly visible in landscape mode and zoomed in, if possible. Video can be recorded with any respective tool like smartphone, action camera or web camera. No special lighting required. Sound recording is not needed, so if turned off it could help reduce file size and save on storage. A recorded file can be uploaded directly or shared via a link to the hosting service.At this pageyou can get guidance on how to record a video and submit it.

In case the videos are uploaded to YouTube it is sufficient to turn on a shareable link access. Also, one could create a private stream on YouTube and send us a link when it is over. Only static recording from stationary fixed position is allowed. Freehand recording won’t do — it is required to use a support or a tripod. A video with partial visibility or zoomed out way too much can be rejected by moderator.

9 foot table is required to be recorded. Players involved should be playing eight ball, nine ball or ten ball. One pocket, bank pool do not fit here, and neither does individual practice, because these are not suitable for proper calculation of performance characteristics.