How to record and submit a video

There are two completely different ways to approach this matter in a comfortable way: either via online feed or offline recording. First way requires a stable quality Internet connection, preferably through Wi-Fi. All you need is a YouTube account where you could start a live feed. After your practice session is finished you also finish the live feed. Then copy the link to the recorded feed and paste it to the form we provide to accept the video. Great advantage of going this way is no need to edit the video and no worries about sufficient free space on your device. The drawback is a need for a good Internet connection and a power supply for your device. A smartphone battery drains quickly in live feed mode, and a laptop equipped with a camera requires a power supply source. Also, your device should be smart enough to be able to provide a live feed.

Another way to go is an offline video recording of your practice sessions. It is more standalone and portable approach. One video recording device is sufficient, like a smartphone or a simple action camera. The device should have enough storage space to record several hours of video in HD quality and is not required to be too smart. Usually 32 Gb of storage is enough to fit about 5 hours of practice. We recommend you take care of additionally charging the device with the use of a power bank. Main drawback of this approach is a need to do your “home work” of transferring the files from your device to the computer. Some recording devices may require compiling multiple parts into a single record. Once your recorded video is ready, the files should be sent to your YouTube account and the link should be inserted into the form we provide to accept the video.

Whichever approach you choose, by no means you could do without a steady support for the recording device, be it a tripod, a monopod or a selfie stick. The recording should be done in one stationary view. The higher the camera is in relation to the pool table, the better is the view. It is important to prevent occasional movements of the camera, otherwise a part of the pool table might not get recorded. If that happens, part of your practice session will turn out as faulty. In such case we recommend you start the recording over. Get more information on requirements to the videos at this page.

DeviceHome workStorageInternet
Live feedSmartphone, laptop + web camera--+
RecordingAction camera, Laptop + web camera, Smartphone++-