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Automatic online evaluation of billiard playing skills

Personal evaluation of technical skills level based on video records

After the payment is through the user is able to upload video recordings of his play. You can check the requirements for private videos here - 3 to 10 hours of video are required for proper calculations. The rest is on the system. After the amount of statistical data is sufficient you will get precise evaluation of your level and a private dashboard to discover any weaknesses in your game and track their dynamics. Thus you will be able to evaluate your progress. You will get an opportunity to compare yourself against well-known players. Additionally, you will receive a personal certificate indicating your current level of play. Your dashboard won't be added to the general list of players but will be accessible via a link.

Intended for two players who face each other often. 65% discount, given that all uploaded videos feature only two of indicated partners. As a result, each of the partners gets a personal dashboard and a personal certificate

1Personal private dashboard
2Sufficient amount of processor time
3Growth points report
4Personal certificate
Individual evaluation$100
Partners evaluation-65%$130

Automated online analytics of practice sessions

A video should represent one and the same player making a shot by himself (herself) and doing any series of drills successively. Video quality should be at least HD (30 fps). Recording should be done in landscape mode, with a pool table filling the frame of the video as much as possible. All six pockets of the pool table should be visible. See detailed examples of scene setup at this page. And at this page you can get guidance on how to record a video and submit it.

Once a video is uploaded, it takes a while to be automatically processed. Processing time depends on current server load. Duration (time) of the uploaded video will be written off your balance until it reaches zero. In case a video is rejected due to technical issues, it will not be considered in your account balance. While sending a video of a practice session it is only the date and time of recording that the player selects manually. The rest is on the system:it will sort the shots alike throughout the drills, evaluate the results, create a report on the efficiency of every drill execution, visualize the results dynamics with the use of diagrams allowing for manual adjustment of the time range examined. Drills efficiency is evaluated by several parameters: precision, time, cue ball control. The evaluation parameter is available to be selected by a player. And what is most important, the player gets personalized guidelines on further practice and drills in order he (she) could gain rapid and efficient progress on the basis of individual indicators. If you upload recordings of your practice sessions regularly, the neural network gets feedback on the results of your progress and therefore could create even more precise personalized guidelines and estimates.

What is the main advantage of an experienced player? It is a tendency to meticulously analyze his own game. Start your method of analysis or improve it with us right now.

1Track drill shots
2Evaluate the results
3Get personalized guidelines
3 hours$15
30 hours$100
Customby requestContact us

Basic subscription

Access to all analytics data
1View matches analysis
2View players change dynamics
3Manage your page
1 month$10
6 months-16%$50
1 year-25%$90